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37x223mm SR to 50x346mm B.

Various amor piercing pistol cartridges.

The .577 Nitro Express was descended from the .577 Black Powder Express, a cartridge invented by the late Samuel Baker who had Holland Holland build him an express rifle in this caliber.This caliber is generally used for thick-skinned dangerous game such as elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo. Even among professional ivory hunters of old it is typically treated as an emergency weapon carried by the hunters gun bearer, reserved for stopping the charge of an enraged, wounded elephant in thick bush.

Neptune by DS & S Tactical -

An introduction to collecting 20 mm cannon cartridges The 20 mm automatic cannon first saw service during World War 1 but achieved its

British army 1945 Firefly Sherman - with the larger much more capable British 17 pounder main gun - could destroy any German tank and was a much better gun than the standard US gun

British Tank rounds left to right: 2pdr, 6pdr APDS, 75mm (Sherman), 17pdr APDS, 77mm (Comet), 3" and 95mm CS.

30x91mm to 30x164mm.

The HK 4.6×30mm cartridge is a type of ammunition used in the Heckler & Koch MP7 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) and by the canceled HK UCP pistol. It is designed to minimize weight and recoil while increasing penetration of body armor. It features a bottlenecked case and a pointed, steel-core, brass-jacketed bullet.