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Handmade Hagerstown house, America, circa 1900. A small handmade box-back house covered with period commercial brick and slate papers and featuring a covered front porch with railing and removable front step, glazed windows with narrow mullions and green paper window shades, the detached facade removes to reveal two rooms with early over-scaled wallpapers and faux bois floor-papers, early electrification and contains seven pieces of small-scale wooden and cardboard dollhouse furniture.

Dollhouse | American Handmade Brick Façade 2-Story 5 Rooms Rick Maccione-Dollhouse Builder

Vintage Doll House

Vintage Doll House | From a unique collection of antique and modern toys at

Dolls house; German, Warehouse, Lithographed Paper, 3 Floors, Glass Windows, Elevator, Animals & Crates, 21 inch. Probably Gottschalk.

Moritz Gottschalk Red Roof Dollhouse Model #5193

Old handmade dollhouse on Antiques Roadshow

This morning a humble cat food box, this evening an antique dresser and shelves. Hang on to your good cardboard. DIY Doll House

dolls, America, A Schoenhut dollhouse. In traditional Colonial style with four rooms in green, white, yellow and red. Original label.

VICTORIAN DOLL HOUSE, DATED 1884, H 33", W 31" live auctioneers

Two-Story Schoenhut Dolls' House : Lot 27, nice house, good design and colors. .....Rick Maccione-Dollhouse Builder