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Do you and your partner think like a team? Our friends at #staymarried explain how being defensive is hurting your marriage.

Pretty good date night talking points, when you're so tired all you can think about is the kids! The {Mini} Love Map Game - #staymarried

At times, at the end of a busy day or in the middle of a holiday where some just sit on their asses and do not help, I remember how I never want to be - lazy, not helpful, not considerate, not supportive and I realize I have the strength to carry on by myself. I finish my day and realize I did give my all and am damn proud of it. Thank you hubs!

The Best Apology - How to say sorry like you mean it. #staymarried

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Top 45 relationship quotes

Je te le promets....à tout tout tous les jours...

10 Rules for Fair Fighting (Stay Married): "There should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire." (David O. McKay)

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Top 45 relationship quotes

Top 45 relationship quotes | Quotes Words Sayings …

Resolutions for a Better Marriage - a #staymarried blog

I just read the article this links to and almost barfed. Hey girls, guess whose job it is to be the sole proprietor of the emotional work in your marriage?? YOURS! Yay, 'cause you don't have enough to do already!! Most men are a bad math problem: they don't add to your life, they subtract from it. They multiply your problems and divide your energies. Ugh. No thanks.

Baby I would so love to snuggle close to U & just cuddle!! Just hold you tight & feel U against me!! It has been so, so long...I love holding you & kissing U softly!! Long tender kisses that take our breath away! I remember..who could forget those magical kisses! U always melted me & made me ache for more!! To feel U w/my hands the way U love me too! So love pleasing U!! Sweet dreams baby! Let's hold each other so very tight!! I miss U!!:-*:-*:-* ***