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HENRI CHOPIN Ah! Aujourd’hui le Temps First edition. 15 x 30 1/8 inch broadside, screen-printed in seven colors.

Auto Portrait, Henri Chopin, 1970

Graphèmes en vibrance, Henri Chopin, 1990

Underlined Baedeckers by Andrew Huot. 2007. Laser print on paper. While working at a library, I found a Baedekers Travel Guide for Northern Germany from the 20s that was used before being donated to the library. The original owner of the book had underlined in red locations & points of interest that were planned/visited during their tour. Fascinated by the random collection of words/phrases, I digitally removed them from the rest of the text, exposing a form of concrete poetry across the…

CHOPIN (Henri). - Dactylo-poème original tiré en rouge et vert signé et daté Poor Man

Marc Lombardi - "death-defying acts of art and conspiracy

concrete jungle victoire henri chopin 1985

Henri Chopin, "Petit 0", 1994, Fondazione Bonotto

Leçons élémentaires sur l'histoire naturelle des animaux 1847

How to Make a Ricky Board: A Creative Exercise from David Lynch

'The Pattern Series' by Vickie Simpson (2012). Simpson investigates the aesthetics of the handmade. For her, inspiration cannot be found on a screen but only in the physical exploration and making of tactile forms. The Pattern Series asks the viewer to consider the physicality of manual mark-making in our increasingly digitized world.