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Dont listen to them Ducky, theyre just jerks. http://cute-overload.tumblr.com

Two siamese cats. love that!

[Russian Blue Kitten] ------------------- * * STERLING: " Noes, me haz noes idea hows yer oral prosthetics disappeared. But der's a glass o' water wif somethin' similar lookin' in it on de counter top." [ACTIVITY: Operates Sterling's Flea Circus

Cats leave paw prints on,your heart.

Russian Blue "Ume"

so cute ....sleeping kitten

(Russian Blue) * * SLEEPY THOUGHT: " Nevers buy a DVD froms someones on de street dat's outta bref."

Russian blue cat

Best Pillow Ever! Charlie & Jimmy, two Russian Blue kittens snuggling during a nap.

Portrait of a purebred Russian blue Cat

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