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It’s perfect for teaching visualizing and it serves as a great mentor text for creating sensory images during a word choice unit.

Teaching figurative language. This book is great for teaching about puns. Very funny book.

Great way to teach simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole. My middle school students LOVED these! Literary Elements Found in Songs.m4v

This is a visual poem to help students understand how subtraction works. The poem seems to rhyme, which can also make it easier for students to understand or remember. There are arrows pointing to the numbers to help students as well. - Lauren Davy

Good mentor text for modeling point of view, for how to use context clues to figure out new words, and for using inference skills to predict and revise predictions about the plot

Great idea for storing paper or magazines. Cardboard magazine boxes from Ikea

Debbie Diller says that "when readers create mental images, they engage in text in ways that make it personable and memorable to them alone" (from Reading With Meaning).