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These Beautiful Customized 3D-Printed Prosthetic Legs Are Made to Be Seen

Bespoke Fairings are custom-made, stylish covers for prosthetic legs that are created using a 3D scanner.

Sebrae Minas Design | Empresa oferece estilo e personalidade para cobertura de próteses ortopédicas

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics - These are truly amazing

Lisa Bufano - is a disabled American interdisciplinary performance artist whose work incorporates elements of doll-making, animation, and dance. After losing her fingers, thumbs and lower legs, Bufano began her performance and dancing career when a professor at the University of Linz doing research on the lives of amputees...


10 Coolest Prosthetic Limbs

3D printing has become an incredibly powerful tool to customize one-off products for differing applications. This project was based on using this technology to design a customized prosthetic leg for a specific user- a young, urban, male athlete. Nike was chosen as an appropriate brand to bring form to the leg. It also required familiarizing oneself with the emotional, medical, lifestyle, and physical changes the user would encounter. Designer: Colin Matsco (Link)

beautiful prosthetics

Amazing Prosthetic Leg Covers Are Both Fashionable And Functional

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