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Explorez Pierre Albasser, Art Artiste Brut et plus encore !

A choice of four Outsider Artists – twice Pierre Albasser (a drawing on front and back side), by Noviadi Angkasapura, Bob Hoke and finally Parker Lanier ( &

A paradise by US Artist King Orth and animals by other outsider artists presented on or

Rudolf Horacek

Parker Lanier, the US outsider artist, is one of 99 artists presented on the site or This small sized dark but colorful acrylic painting is one of six of his works on display.

Franco Bellucci Art brut

Works by US artist King Orth, one of 99 artists on or

Franco Bellucci Art brut

On top: Mose Tolliver, left Pierre Albasser, right middle Jaber al-Mahjoub and right bottom Paco Felici – four outsider artists presented at the Swiss website or

Dentelle-général- Eliane Larus

A large marker drawing by Afroamerican Willie White (1908-2000) and a much smaller one by US artist Maranda Russell – two of 99 artists on or