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Andrea Mantegna, Saint Jacques sur le chemin du supplice, 1455, fresque de l'église des Eremitani, Padoue

16. El Greco, St James. El estilo de El Greco fue expresionismo y fue muy dramatico.

Statue of Saint James as Moor-slayer. He rides a horse, wearing an armor and a pilgrim hat, and brandishing a sword. The horse jumps over fallen Moors. From the museum (formerly a church) of Santiago (in the Way of St James), Carrión de los Condes, Palencia, Spain.

High Altar with Statue of St James (Giacomo) Church of San Giacomo di Rialto Venice Italy

Ragusa-Ibla, Chiesa di San Giacomo (St. James' Church)

Image illustrative de l'article Jacques de Zébédée

Gavi - Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore Gavi - Church of St. James

Venice's Birthday According to legend Venice was founded on March 25 in 421. The founding was characterized by the sanctification of the first church that of St. James (San Giacomo) at the Rialto. Thus the Rialto area is considered the oldest in Venice. The name comes from Rivo Alto (Italian: high coast). It is assumed that Venice was founded by the residents of cities on the mainland (Padua Aquileia Treviso) who sought to use the local sand dunes to protect themselves from the hordes of…

Crivelli-St James of the Marches with Two Kneeling Donors 1477 Wood, 198 x 64 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris (love the little donors...)