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Multiple images Final Piece. Focusing on applying art within photography, creating a strong contrast between colours. The main inspiration for this final piece was developed from Charlotte Caron. I was able to used the observational images from Malawi. The background of the image was scratched into using a carving knife. The image in the background focuses on the combination of two locations.

ripping to reveal what's hidden beneath... Interesting idea for a final piece involving mental illnesses or feelings

.This piece is very different, but still inspirational in the fact that having something missing of the woman but then through her face showing how she really feels, like a fear inside her head. This has given me an idea to use my text and word this way, where the missing part of the person is the words come out to say how that person is really feeling. #hiddenthoughts

Lady In White Print by Samere Tansley

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Photographies vintage et incrustations géométriques par Kelly O'Connor

leur photo collage paire de lunettes avec incrustation de qq chose qui illustre "je préfère voir " Plus

Charlotte Caron- use with yr 10

Charlotte Caron @Rennes #Art #peinture

black and white, cat, face, faces, human

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Les visages détournés de Bruno Metra & Laurence Jeanson !