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“A man, or rather a monster fishman, coming from the sea, appeared near Babylon; he had two heads; one of a man, the other a fish, the feet of a man, tail of a fish; speech of a man.. he dwelt by day with men, took no food; gave them knowledge; taught them to build towers temples; to establish laws; taught them to sow, to gather the fruits of Earth ...At sunset he retired to the sea.. There appeared likewise others of the same species.” --Berosus, ancient fragments, 3rd century B.C.

Cheyenne Model Tipi, detail.

Rome: labyrinthe de la Villa Altieri Barbot Prosper (1798-1878) ♥ Inspirations…

En image : le bestiaire fantastique de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Manuscrit médiéval arabe, édition de 1762, BNF

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Demons Keuka Hagihara (Kyouka Hagihara)

The Assyrian god Nisroch was depicted as an eagle-headed diety with wings and exaggerated muscles. In this sculptured relief from Nineveh he is sprinkling the sacred tree with water. He is holding a water vessel in his left hand and a fir cone (sponge) in his right.

lH_2045 Cuadro Tribu Caminando

fish hat swimming cap extravaganza