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A Japanese officer of the Special Naval Landing Force (SNLF) with an Indian…

Ex-British army Captain Mohan Singh shaking hands with Major Fujiwara after the creation of the Indian National Army. Circa August 1942. Mohan Singh (1909–1989) was an Indian captain in the British army and later a member of the Indian Independence Movement. He was instrumental in organizing and leading the First Indian National Army in South East Asia during World War II.

Affiche de propagande en français utilisant la découverte des charniers de Katyn pour pousser les français à combattre les communistes sour...

imperial japanese army burma - Japanese and indian troops celetrating victory…

Cosaques lisant une revue sur le front de l'est.

Yoshiko Kawashima was a Manchu princess brought up in Japan, who served as a spy in the service of the Japanese Kwantung Army and Manchukuo during the Second World War. She helps Emperor Puyi establish Manchukuo in Changchun. She becomes a commander of a Manchukuo Army unit and a Japanese spy, seeking revenge on revolutionaries. She was executed as a traitor by the Kuomintang after the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Rassemblement National Populaire

Japanese Army General Kenji Doihara inspecting the troops of the Indian National Army (INA), Singapore, 1944.

Affiche de Pétain - Arrêt sur images

The Tokyo Boys ready for action. They were supported by Japan as part of the Indian National Army led by Chandra Bose.