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PÁVIE PIERKO prívesok / IrenaK - - Handmade Náhrdelníky

Peacock Feather Pendant by IrenaK ~ Love the gradation & how this piece just flows.

The Obsession by Aly (Dainty Crochet by Aly) ~ I like the work in general - the black crochet has a look to it like it's much more dense & heavy than it really is. This whole piece must be light as a feather, after all. I like her departure from symmetry after coming out of this gorgeous focal point in the center & I like how she worked the beads into the piece.

Collier micro macramé créateur tour de cou avec fleur et perles de v

MarieClaire Vastra (Zoeprune) ~ Iridescent Wisdom Face Pendant. Both the lovely micro macrame & the polymer clay face itself are handmade by the artist. I love *love* the detail she's put into this & her choice of, as well as the placement of, the beads used to adorn the headdress of what could easily pass for a Priestess.

Happy Feather earrings - Feathers series by Russian artist veraNIKA. I think she did a good job of rendering the peacock feathers in this piece.

Bague "grand carré peyote" - Vyolina, pattern:

Water sorcery- wire wrapped necklace, big blue agate, Swarovski Crystals, handmade, copper

Water sorcery by Monika Iskierka - a beautifully sculpted piece.

Chouette (owl) earrings by French artist Dorneuv _ I love how she's integrated the threading to create the softness of the owl's bodies, how she's convincingly built them out of beads & I really want to know where she got those owl head pieces that she built these earrings around!

A Dance of the Autumn Wind by Oleksandra Sydorenko - this piece tied for bronze in the Traditional Bib Style category at the 2012 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Contest _ Love the color gradation. The design looks very much like stylized flames to me - almost like tribal style flames.

Bracelet créateur micro macramé ivoire avec cabochon jaune vert p

Pale green lace cuff bracelet by French micro-macramé artist MarieClaire Vastra (aka Zoeprune). This is such an attractive piece. She does a lovely job of emulating lace. Nice color combos throughout. Besides, who doesn't like a little bit of fringe?

Peacock Paisley by Eleonore Pieper (Ellygator) ~ Love the way she integrated the beetle wings into this piece. The paisley frames really set them off well.