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WORLD: PANGOLINS. One is Killed Every Hour

Orca Aware - Polluted Orca – How Chemicals Are Killing the World's Orcas...

Pangolins in Peril: Wildlife Traffickers Target the World’s Most Profitable Prey | TakePart

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The "world's loneliest orca" Lolita may see freedom soon.

New York: Judge Orders Stony Brook University to Defend Its Custody of 2 Chimps - NYTimes.com

Captivité animale pour votre divertissement ? Boycott Seaworld !

World: "Freeing the killer whales in captivity is, relatively speaking, a small thing to do, but it is the humble, compassionate and right thing."

Is Your Makeup Killing Sharks?

World: (via TakePart Daily) See - act on - news from TakePart including there is a Gray Wolf fur farm in Minnesota!

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