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Africa | Basket from Somalia or Ethiopia | Plant fiber, hide, shell, cord, pigment | ca. 1960s

Africa | Milk bucket from the Borana people of Kenya | ca. 1950 - 1980 | Hide, fiber, and cowries

Africa | A decorated calabash used as a Milk Pot by the Borana or Gudji people of Ethiopia | ca. 1990

Milk bucket from the Borana people of Kenya, Africa. Hide, fiber and cowrie shells, ca. 1950 - 1980

Africa | Lidded basket from the Hausa people. West Africa | 20th century

Africa | Basketry jar, most probably from Somalia or Nubia.

Africa | Prestige headrest from the Oromo, Jimma, people, Oromia, East Africa | 19th century | Wood, glass beads, fiber.

Africa | Basket with lid from Ethiopia | Grass, pigment

Africa | Shield from the Mangbetu people of DR Congo | Woven plant fibers with natural pigments

Africa | A decorated gourd for carrying the milk from the Arsi people of Ethiopia | ca. 1980 | Leather handle, weaved fibers, threads of steel, glass beads and buttons