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flying high

Recurring Devise

Incredible photo, but I can't believe they are thinking of bringing this back

Quand viendra la fin, ne va pas à la poussière va aux étoiles ! »de Antun Branko Simic

Swing. it actually creates that feeling of a drop in the stomach that you get in the moment of free fall when you are swinging.anxiety and freedom all at once. brilliant image. Wasn't able to trace the photographer, but finally found original post on blog.

Le genre d'exploit dont j'étais capable ! Les talons décollaient de la balançoire et un frisson d'ivresse me parcourait.

clodine: “OMBRES & LUMIÈRES. OMBRES ÉPHÉMÈRES. “ “It is June, and I am tired of being brave.” - Anne Sexton ” ”

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