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This 1885 paper theater by Danish publisher Alfred Jacobsen is on view at the Bruce Museum as part of “A Child’s View: 19th-Century Paper Theaters.” Photo: Contributed Photo / Connecticut Post Contributed
Italian Renaissance Theatre developed in the courts of the nobility in settings that differed radically from those of the past. The invention of perspective painting in the 14th and 15th centuries led to painted scenery that attempted to create the illusion of reality. The most influential theatrical work of the Renaissance was the Second Book of Architecture, by Sebastiano Serlio (1545; Eng. trans., 1611).
Recortable Frances (12x25) Siglo XIX. La Poupée Modele . (en cartulina). - Foto 1
"Toy theatre" by Clive Hicks-Jenkins - fantastic artwork!
Säulenhalle - Hintergrund Nr. 34 (Alte Ausgabe)
My First Paper Theater!  Posted on September 5, 2012 by Violet Hoarder

My first paper theater!

vintage puppet theaters
Paper Toy Theatre.
Complete free printable Victorian mini theater with set and characters for the play Cinderella! Black & white.