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Yui Komori&Ayato Sakamaki | Diabolik Lovers || Cosplay

Yui x Ayato ~ Diabolik Lovers YAY! one more follow and I hit 300. love you guys! :) :P XD I have to start pinning more. I haven't been pinning much this week! Anyways Ayato you are one sexy beast and I love you. <3 *laughs* till next post!<----yes i just said that XD

Diabolik Lovers: Le 2ème Eve. (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) - Blood 2: Rencontre des Frères Sakamaki et Komori Yui - Wattpad

Tags: Anime, Official Art, Satoi, Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted dark bridal~, Sakamaki Ayato

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Dude I thought this was when Ciel was in wonderland when I first saw it.. Don't judge me I don't care if it's nothing like them, it's what I thought

Diabolic lovets

Diabolic lovets

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