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Boiling the Christmas Pudding
This was the turn the heating on app from my child hood
There was Discipline; at school AND at home "This is gonna hurt me a lot more than it is you."   I  remember hearing that and NOT believeing it.
Loved the name - almost my Mum's - Dulcie x
That '70s Show : un classique !
Used to happen regularly - the power would just go out.  We used to watch through the windows for the lights on the dual carriageway on the other side of the playing fields coming back on - they always came on a second or two before everything else
Bistrots et cafés parisiens - Photos anciennes et d'autrefois, photographies d'époque en noir et bla
Tee hee . . We thought we were millionaire s . . With our five pounds!
Sister to sister
Conversion rates from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal currency