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December 15, 1965: Gemini VI-A view of Gemini VII in orbit 160 miles (257 km) above Earth during first space rendezvous. Photo credit: NASA

Every satellite orbiting the Earth.

Sunrise on Mars, over Olympus Mons, an extinct volcano three times higher than Mount Everest. (NASA)

A view of planet Earth. #earth #photography #space #astronaut #nasa

à partir de La boite verte

Buran, la navette spatiale Russe

The Soviet space shuttle "Buran"

Gemini 6 splashes down 26 hours after launch. Once again a stripped back, gorgeous array of vivid colours, the fact that it’s slightly out of focus just adds to the painterly feel.

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Gemini 6A closes to within 35 feet of its sister capsule, Gemini 7, on December 15, 1965. (NASA/JSC/ASU)