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Greg Baresel Golf Lesson: Hand position changes trajectory #bleedgolf


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In the previous lesson we looked at the impact position. Immediately after impact, golf coaches will talk about correct extension and forearm rotation through the golf ball… In this article and video, we’ll look at what proper extension and rotation is, why it’s important and how you can achieve it in your own golf swing.

This drill will help you with correct arm rotation through the golf ball. If you've jumped straight to this drill, please see the extension and rotation lesson first. Extending and rotating correct...

Great golf posture is crucial for consistent, accurate and powerful ball striking. You don’t have to be an athlete to achieve great posture over the ball and the tips on this page will work for golfers of all shapes and size. The golf swing is essentially a turning motion around a central column – that central column being your spine. The better the position and the angle of your spine at address, the better it will be throughout the swing, especially at impact.

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