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Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) is a vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) that affects small blood vessels mainly in the skin, intestines, and kidneys. Symptoms can begin in children, most commonly between the ages of 4 and 7 years, soon after an upper respiratory tract infection or a streptococcal pharyngitis (sore throat infection). #pediatry #dermatology

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Matt Vera, RN

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Mnemonics & Tips - Nurseslabs

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L’attraction entre un empathe et un narcissique

L’attraction entre un empathe et un narcissique:Je suis empathe. J’ai su que j’en étais un après m’être impliqué dans une relation intense

Intussusception occurs when a portion of the small or large intestine slides forward into itself, like a telescope. An intussusception can block flow through the intestines and also limit the blood supply to that area of intestine. It is most commonly seen in children who are younger than 1 year. The cause is usually unknown, but an intussusception can follow viral gastroenteritis

Addison’s disease (also chronic adrenal insufficiency, hypocortisolism, and hypoadrenalism) is a rare, chronic endocrine disorder in which the adrenal glands do not produce sufficient steroid hormones (glucocorticoids and often mineralocorticoids). It is characterised by a number of relatively nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weakness, but under certain circumstances these may progress to Addisonian crisis, a severe illness in which there may be very low blood pressure and…

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Human biology map

Nervous System

The central nervous system, which is protected by the spinal column and the cranium, controls the function of all the cells, tissues and organs of the human body.