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Surgical, Medical and Anesthesia in the Middle East - medieval medicine.

Medieval Medicine - The Middle Ages are often seen as a period of limited medical knowledge and yet many ideas from the classical medicine survived into the medieval period. This man's leg wound is being treated, while herbs for a soothing ointment or healing drink are being prepared.

Red wine was a luxury until the end of the Middle Ages. ????

medieval dissections - Google Search

Lanfranc de Milan (env. 1250-1306), Practica ou Chirurgia magna, 1480. La Chirurgie du maître Alenfranc. La Practica est d’abord imprimée en français sous le titre Lanfrancus ou le grant Alanfrant, Vienne en Dauphiné, vers 1480, puis en latin en 1498, à Venise.

Images from the History of Medicine (NLM): -On peut bien se reposer un peu par Abel Faivre. The surgeon interrupts the amputation of a man's leg to rest and to get a refreshing drink.

The Beekeepers, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568

Morphine and Chloroform for that ticklish cough!

Guyart des Moulins, Bible historiale [La Bible historiaux, ou les histoires escolastres]. Tome Ier

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Vintage Medecine Bottle

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