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Hong Kong Journal of Paediatrics - CT coronary angiogram (CTA) in a case of Kawasaki disease showing calcification and focal dilatation at its proximal region of right coronary artery (arrow).

Clinical picture showing white forelock, distended abdomen, heterochromia irides, and partial albinism. (An explicit consent from the parents of the children regarding the possible publication of the material in medical journals was obtained)

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Cerebral Angiography.

Acute plastic bowing of the ulna. Two views of the forearm in a child show a fracture of the radius (solid white arrow) with angulation and concomitant shortening associated with acute plastic bowing of the ulna (dotted white arrow) anteriorly. There is no dislocation of the radial head as a line (black line) drawn through the shaft of the radius intersects the capitellum on both views.

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Rétinopathie diabetique DR

Dividing cervical cancer cell, SEM.

Neurones inkblob: My classmates took these...

Temperance Reid - Heart transplant girl wins silver on the running track - #kawasakidisease