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Hemp Revolution 2012 Help Ron Paul to Decriminalize Cannabis Marijuana Industrial Hemp for Victory!

Best Marijuana Documentary you will ever watch!

Nigel Farage facing Angela Merkel

The worlds most Eco-friendly car, the Kestrel, was designed in Canada by Calgary-based Motive Industries INC. Unlike the United States government, the Canadian government is open to hemp farming and actively supporting the industrial hemp industry and it’s potential benefit for us and our environment.

1 acre of hemp equals 4.1 acres of trees

The Hemp Revolution-app. Movie on the History and Uses of Marijuana

Build a House with Hemp Book - BUY IT!

▶ Billion Dollar Crop: The history and advantages of hemp as an industrial fiber - YouTube

Magic Weed the History of Marijuana 1/10

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana is not a toxic drug, like Heroin, Nicotine, and Alcohol and should not have been listed as one. Lobbyists, big business, and politics killed Marijuana. We know what kills people, alcohol, nicotine, drones, and radical Islamic Terrorists. To find the bad guys you just follow the money. Everything else is just window dressing, it is always about the money.