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Milk Myths « Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Cows don't need to be milked. Just like humans the milk they make is for their babies!

If Cows could talk: a look at lies from the Dairy Industry

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How the Dairy Industry Has Unnaturally Altered the Life of Cows

<p>In nature, the milk produced by the mother would go to feed her baby, but in the dairy industry this milk is diverted to humans and the baby seems to disappear from the equation. To give you an idea of how the dairy industry has fundamentally altered the natural life cycle of a cow, let’s look into the life of a dairy calf. </p>

Casey Affleck Exposes Mutilation of Cows in Dairy Industry

Guernsey dairy cow and young calf. I love cows!

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Cows don't give us milk, we take it; you can stop the suffering, go #vegan

I don't know if they meant it to be but this cow has a duck on its face! =)

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The history of the milkman: Who killed him

NO, actually they don't GIVE their babies milk to humans...humans enslave mother cows, impregnate them, steal and kill their babies, and eventually the mothers are also slaughtered. So this is a big fat lie....but no one is is too heartbreaking. And here's the kicker...after the horror the cows and calves go through, you may disease yourself with heart disease and cancer - guess that's called Karma.

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14 Cows That Are Too Cute To Handle

And this cow who simply thinks life is hilarious: | 14 Cows That Are Too Cute To Handle