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It really is sweet how much Thor cares for Loki - and really sad that Loki's nuts.

Thor and Loki - cartoon - this pretty much describes what Thor is trying to do with Loki in my fic

Back to Asgard by ~Florbe91 on deviantART. right in the feels. AW!

BAHAHA batman's face at the end.

BAHAHA batman's face at the end.

Thor and young Loki. Loki: Thor, please, please, PLEASE don't make me do this. / Thor: Loki, brother, peace. If you truly are not ready for this, 'tis fine, but I would have you meet my friends and...'show you off' to them as the Midgardians say.

Frigga finally speaks to Loki Thor about their hair situation. "Frigga: Don’t but mom me, your brother is sticking things in there, you look like a porcupine. I think some of it might be alive. Loki: It’s dead. Thor: See it’s dead, it’s fin-WHAT? Loki: Don’t worry you didn’t know him."

"Thor made Loki a promise once, and now all of our hearts are broken." That's okay. I didn't really need my heart anyway... :'(