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24 insanely clever gifts for book lovers•• I want the personal library kit
Sélection de la semaine, #WTF, #Cosplay, #Geek, #FunFacts, #Design, #Photographie, #Vrac - WTF – Les gadgets de 2015
Buying me books is a good way to win over my heart.Reading them, and discussing them with me. you might as well propose.
Correction: everyone is stabbed.

[INFOGRAPHIE] Comment meurt-on chez Shakespeare?

I have used two of these and a necklace chain,  promotional card,  businesses card,  old phone bill,  scrap paper...yea safe to say I've done this...
How to open a new book- thanks yo Dr. Quinn, I cringed when I saw this!  Don't people know how to make books last!
Fort Knowledge.
When is somebody going to open a bookstore-bar so that I can actually have an intelligent conversation on a saturday night?