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Great idea For Close Range Hunting : British Columbia company HyperStealth Biotechnology showed a functioning prototype of its new fabric to the U.S. and Canadian military this year. The material, called Quantum Stealth, bends light waves around the wearer without the use of batteries, mirrors, or cameras. It blocks the subject from being seen by visual means but also keeps them hidden from thermal scans and infrared.

Arrowcards Camping gear

Ti2 Parabiner -- PB-9 -- A titanium carabiner for paracord and multi-tool for everyday carry (EDC)

Survival Bow Making Instructions

The First 9 Things To Do When The SHTF

What exactly should you do if the SHTF? @graywolfactual wrote an excellent article that answers this question. Every prepper should read this.

kit pelle -- Emergency tool kit in zombie green.

EDC keychain

NAGATAC - "Crossfire" Arrowhead Card -- Hunting/Survival Kit --- These are so cool. What a great idea.