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marioepanya: “ myownsweetescape: “ brown-princess: “ “ then & now ” Continua Linda!!! ” I’ve always loved the then picture! And it’s great to see her now. She’s growing into a stunning young lady. ” ”

mixed-2-perfection: Mixed 2 Perfection She’s beautiful!

#Gypsies Little #Gypsy Girl, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Vintage Somalia | Somalia had a good track record for educating women despite all its issues. That is the complicated thing about Somalia. There are so many sides to it, its sometimes hard to make sense of it all. We lost our way. Hopefully we can find a way back. #vintagesomalia

Roma gypsy girl, Romania. The Roma are a truly fascinating people, with a long history and an uncertain future.

Little beauty - Senegal