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Bible stories for kids - Jesus heals a paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda ( English Cartoon ) - YouTube

Jesus Feeds the 5000 - Word Search Puzzle

Old Testament memorization ... Could be used for New Testament memorization as well. In addition, you could break the blocks into groups to help teach and memorize the prophets, first 5 books of the OT (Pentateuch), the first 4 books of the NT (Gospels), etc. A very hands on activity for kids and fun.

Bible stories for kids - Feeding 5000 ( Jesus Cartoon Animation in English ) - YouTube - Bonne Nouvelle - La brebis perdue

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

jesus heals

Bible stories for kids - Jesus Heals the Centurion's Son ( Christian Malayalam Cartoon Animation ) - YouTube

My Big Book of Bible Heroes for Kids

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