Lucille Ball
The Death of an American Icon: On April 18, 1989, American icon Lucille Ball was rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. Doctors diagnosed a dissecting aortic aneurysm and Lucille underwent an emergency aortic transplant. Eight days later, her aorta ruptured again and Lucille could not be saved. She was 77 years old. Learn how aortic dissection can happen suddenly and cause death in a matter of minutes.
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Lucille Ball
I love Lucy :)
Amazing how fashion cycles.. these colors are in for spring and summer... I Love Lucy... can we bring back the amazing tapered and stylish looks of the 60's
En famille avec... (de haut en bas) Doris DAY / Betty GRABLE / Gina LOLLOBRIGIDA / Janet LEIGH / Grace KELLY / Joan CRAWFORD / Sophia LOREN / Lucille BALL
Lucille Ball
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Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball and her Mom - My mom did Lucy's hair for the "I Love Lucy" show, but wasn't too fond of Lucy.