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bailarinas marshmallow

Centro de mesa con globo gigante con luces LES. #DecoracionConGlobos

Taller de Oficios de Barichara Wedding by efeunodos photography

Tiffany Themed Sign in Board Tiffany Bat Mitzvah Sign in Board with Glittered Initial

Love our confetti and tulle balloons with gold acrylic initial for a baby girls christening @_m1nnna_ #tulleballoons #christeningballoons #originaldesign #melbourneevents

Balloons under tulle - easy decoration for any event! ***This looks super cute but be warned: The tulle is too heavy to actually allow the helium to hold up the balloon, especially if you attach something at the bottom of the balloon. Did these for baby shower and ended up having to pin them- using the tulle in back- to a curtain to make it look like they were floating.****

Big Balloon Decor in Gold

Join us: https://www.facebook.com/metysetvous boite de conserve+ peinture+dentelle ou morceau de tissu chamboule tout

Rosa Martínez Decoración e Interiorismo. Amsis Photography

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