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simple ivy | par odile lm

precious moments by odile lm | cagettes-diptyque | textures "grungedgood" by Kim Klassen, "2a" by Amisha March preset 'darkmood" by Kim Klassen | Drying... | Preset "sunday" by Kim Klassen. Texture "pourvous" by Kim Klassen (on the background) | Old (and useless) iron elements... saved from her father's trash can by my good friend Evelyne... | Preset "providence" by Kim Klassen applied to both pictures. | Bleu, blanc, rose... | Campanules, seringat, œillets des poètes. | rose-music sheets-lace-threads-waxflower | I used for this picture Kim's preset "oldendays" font: Santos Dumont linked to Texture Tuesday. | hellébores | textures de Kim Klassen "paperstainedlight" & "sonnet2sample" | A vintage little mirror with the picture of a soldier on the back... | Preset "oldenglish" by Kim Klassen on the left image.

from above 1 | par odile lm