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XD FAIRY TAIL<<<My eyes were focused on Naruto and Sebastian

How to draw manga/anime eyes

Is that true? pretty much

Character/Warrior/Swordsman/Knight/Royal/Younger Ga'iff, except he has brown eyes, and this guy has no horns, lol

#anime #illustration Looks like a guy to me... so Imma put him under guys.

Smart Couple - so sweet

"Even if we are "just" friends, would you still beleve me if i said that you are the world to me?" "Well i may be to shy to say it in words but beeing just friends was never the plan you know" "Then what was you'r plan?" "Well first of all... Would you pleas accept this flower?" "Yeah sure.. Thank you" "Well then now we are not "just" friends anymore" "Huh? What not friends?" "Yeah now you are my girlfriend" "Forever?" "Yeah forever, i won't leet you go even if you Ask me to"…