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wifihunters: I heard this guy had an appreciation week that i missed out on which is really a crime

#spn #castielictures of Cas are so pretty and artsy.

Dean Winchester: You didn't need a weapon not at all, when you were born one #spn

New headcanon: one time while Sam was out Cas got sick (while human) and just wanted to sleep near/on Dean for comfort. Dean reluctantly accepted but in actuality he wanted to make Cas feel comfortable, and after a while they fell asleep like the picture. When they both woke up they claim to not remember or scoffed it off like it was no big deal, but Dean thinks about it if he's sad to cheer himself up

Just take a moment to appreciate this amazing picture of Castiel.... Carry on.

I am repinning this ONLY to say that this is LIES! I LOVE AND MISS MEG, SHE IS MISSED!!!!!!! I HAD A DAY OF SADNESS OF HER! LIES I TELL YOU!