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Whispers hurt like a stab in the heart when they are meant to judge. What you witness is not all there is, The whole story cannot be seen. Why do you think you know me? What you see is less that half of who I am. You see tears and invent a reason, You see fear and make a joke. A comedian in a spotlight, But what you don't know is the truth, And you never will. The truth holds power, The power I have and will never grant upon you. My life is mine. The struggles of my life have made me…


At tomes I pretend to be strong and free...happy and lively...but inside I'm weak and captivated....hurt and dead...at night...it all come pouring out...

You were my best friend Now you're my love Next what you'll be is put of my grasp....

Explains so much about the way I act around him....

I love you baby... Too bad you can't see all this...

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