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Lemonade by DYMx on DeviantArt- I don't know why they hate Sakura..but she is hella' pretty here

Sakura and Ino. / SakuIno

Sasuke and sakura <3

Poster Naruto Shippuden Ino Shika Cho

Headcanon: Sakura had been waiting all day for Sasuke to come home. It was beginning to become dark and there was still no sign of Sasuke. Then she saw a figure emerge just as she was about to go home. "Sasuke-kun?" She started running towards the figure. "Sakura-chan!" It was Sasuke. Her Sasuke. She ran into his arms and they walked home together, hand in hand.

Poster affiche Naruto Shippuden Team Kurenaï

Poster Naruto Shippuden Team Gaï, Gai, lee, tenten and neji

SasuSaku on the way home from a mission. by byBlackRose on DeviantArt