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Silver ring found in Dziekanowice, Poland.Culture: Slavic [West Slavs]Timeline: c. 10th-11th century[source]

circa 9th - 11th Century AD Anglo Saxon/viking Finger Ring A twisted wire copper-alloy finger ring possibly dating to the late Anglo-Saxon or the post medieval period. The wire is circular in section, uniform in width and coiled three times to form the band, the ends of which are wrapped around the hoop to bind them together. Made from multiple bands with a bezel of knotted appearance, is more likely to belong to the late Anglo-Saxon period with the arrival of Viking culture.

Une bague de mariage dans l'empire Byzantin - 1200

775-850 Anglo-Saxon, England, Found in the River Thames at Chelsea

Early Medieval, Viking period,decorated silver earring - 31 mm / 6 grams

Gold Viking style brooch circa 1869-79 by Kotomi_, via Flickr <3

Merovingian garnet and gold ring, 5th century Hungary

Silver temple rings found in Brzozowo Nowe, Poland. Culture: Slavic (West Slavs - early Polish state / Piast dynasty) Timeline: 11th century Source: “Skarby wieków średnich” exhibition album, 2007.

Longquan Celadon : retrouvez tous les messages sur Longquan Celadon sur Eloge de l'Art par Alain Truong

Viking age / Gold ring / Dalsland

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