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Indian folk art inspires Commonwealth Games pictograms

Bangalore-based design agency, Idiom, has created the logo, pictograms and mascot for this year’s 19th Commonwealth Games which will take place in Delhi. The pictograms are, explains principal designer on the project Sonia Manchada, a blend of the pictograms designed by Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympic games – and Sanjhi, a form of Indian folk art. Sanjhi (example shown above) is a traditional form of artwork created by paper-cutting stencils which are (and have been for centuries)…

Mexico City 1968 Artistic directors: Manuel Villazon, Mathias Goerlitz Graphic designers: Lance Wyman, Eduardo Terrazas

Stickfigure Relationships Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

Ruedi et Vera Baur - RUEDI E

Ideogram - a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept *Beijing's Olympic symbols for 2008 Games*

Jean Widmer

1992 Barcelona Pictograms - In Barcelona, though the Munich shapes were still used as a starting point, the break in style was more audacious, as the geometric formula was abandoned in favour of the characteristic line of the emblem created by Josep. M. Trias and its representational simplification of the human body in three parts (head, arms and legs) was also adopted.

Conférences sur Isotype d'Otto Neurath à l'Ésad d'Amiens

Isotype Otto Neurath

Pictograms of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games by Katsumi Masaru.