Simon Schubert, o.T. ( Rundtreppe und Raum),2008,100x75

Paper Art - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot Way cool to use embossing on white only.

noriko ambe - cut paper (just inspiration)

use the tension of the strings to hang things (signs, shoes, art objects, ..?)

paper schubert

german artist simon schubert has shared with designboom his newest folded paper…

Je suis totalement scotchée par les créations délicates et incroyablement détaillées de l'artiste allemand Simon Schubert. En effet, Simon crée des œuvres

Simon Schubert / paper sculpture

The camera obscura is one of the world’s oldest, simplest devices, dating back at least to the times of Aristotle. It’s a dark box (or room) with a hole drilled in one side. When light shines through this hole, it projects a perfect image from the outside world that has been flipped upside down. Chris Fraser installation

Simon Schubert

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