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The Myth of the Other Girls: When you say you are not like other girls, it means you have perceived a set of rules--how to dress, how to act, how to become a woman--which you do not believe apply to you. But the rules are arbitrary. They are socially determined. They should not apply to anyone. The other girls are not all alike. Think instead about political, social, economic and cultural inequality on every level. About internalised misogyny, victim blaming, the beauty standard...

WOW WOW WOW. why hasnt this been brought up before? i know, it probably has but this is such a good point they probably keep it well hidden. very very interesting take on abortion and womens rights

I like how this explains how no matter what they say about her skin she never lets them hurt her feelings.

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"It's up to us to change 'tradition'"

à partir de Waging Peace

#Yes all women! Placing the shootings at Isla Vista in a larger context. The Power of a hashtag!


And I'll throw in girls having to lie saying "I have a boyfriend" because guys in a bar/ club won't accept a 'no' but will respect other males, treating women like territory and not people