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Loubieh bil Zeit (Romano Beans with Tomatoes)

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Cauliflower with Tomato Sauce (Gulpea) | SAVEUR Florets of cauliflower are stewed in a fragrant garlic-laced tomato sauce of fried onion, spices, and jalapeño in this Afghani dish from Nawida Saidhosin, a home cook and teacher from New York’s League of Kitchens.

Cauliflower with Tomato Sauce (Gulpea) Recipe | SAVEUR

There are many versions of this recipe, this one seemed the most authentic and rustic.

Salade de maïs et zucchini - ajouter des pois chiches grillés

Loubieh Bi Ziet - This sounds so good - I'm currently very hungry and looking at recipes is kind of like going grocery shopping when starving: sometimes you just pick the fastest, and/or junkiest option - However, i'm not actually in a store, but making list's - And eating Pita chips (hey, the're baked!) while doing so - And wishing I had ingredients to make this as it sounds so good - Tomorrows another (grocery shopping) day -

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