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Rosemary in a rustic urn - I just saw rosemary pruned as topiary trees in pots. I want to put them in my front entrance on either side of my door.

DIY inspiration | Homemade Twig Trellis

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petunias+boxwood topiary+hydrangea backdrop=beautiful

Hey there ladies, I am posting a bit early tonight, I hope you all had a wonderful day.. For tonight and tomorrow lets do a French Farmhouse... Thank you everyone ♥

Beau contraste des marge anguleuses et des plantes en boule qui empiète sur les pierres. Le fait se n'a pas voir de l autre côté du virage nous laisse libre d imaginer le reste de ce jardin.

Small space? No problem! Garden me up.

Charitable gift of a donation for someone, such as the Humane Society or a community garden project.