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From grinders to paninis to classic clubs, if you’re looking for plant-based deliciousness between two slices of bread, we’ve got you covered with these 50 irresistible vegan sandwiches!
Vegetable Singapore Noodles
18 Vegan and Vegetarian High Protein Salads |18 Vegan and Vegetarian High Protein Salads |
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Tinned Tomatoes has hundreds of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes that all the family will love.
Vegan Pad Thai
A healthy taco salad that's quick and easy but full of flavor!
Vegan Pizza Pockets with Marinara Sauce                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus
This masala baked Indian tofu is made with baked up cubes of tofu in spicy curried tomato sauce. Serve over turmeric infused basmati rice and sprinkle with crunchy cashews for a healthy and spicy warm-up meal.