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Medieval Clothing and Footwear- Linen Rectangular and Oval Veils

How to make basic linen Coif(In finnish but the only one that shows the diagram. I have other ones in english that explain the process

A detailed discussion of French men's and women's hoods and chaperons, with an attempt to recreate the hood of Joan of Arc. Lots of hood and chaperon patterns. (French-language link.) [Rozier Wars 1461-1483]

C'est pas encore ça mais quand on a que 5 min, ça peut faire comme-ci (15th Century Womens Houpplelande)

Interesting site for 11th and 12th C. - note the pattern on the dress. First base color, then tone darker drawing on top.

Medieval Clothing and Footwear- Wool Hood

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Medieval Clothing and Footwear- Linen Chauses

BALaT KIK-IRPA. Reliquary purse. Taffetas (?) and silk, chainstitched. Western Europe, 1201-1300. Object number 10128628.

1060-1150 Women of Medieval Romanesque Period Pattern