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In Japan, custom trenches help turtles cross railroad tracks with ease | MNN - Mother Nature Network

A Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Every Year To Visit The Man Who Saved Its Life

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20 moth species more beautiful than butterflies

Butterflies get all the glory in the bug world. But moths are far from being the…

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Identify birds by their songs using this clever trick

Identify birds by their songs using this clever trick | MNN - Mother Nature Network

how to know if an 'abandoned' fawn needs help

Famous Israeli Restaurant Goes Vegan!

Good news! The Victorian Government has agreed to set aside 2,000 hectares of forest in East Gippsland to help protect three threatened species of owl. it was a "fairly significant" win for the threatened Sooty, Masked and Powerful Owls. It also means that the department acknowledges that there needs to be more done to protect owls, that they were undersized zones that they had set aside and a lot of them were destroyed in the 2014 bushfires.

An adoptable dog interacts with a customer at the Pussy and Pooch Lifestyle Center in Beverly Hills. Thanks to continued efforts by Best Friends Animal Society, Beverly Hills passed an ordinance on August 18 prohibiting the sale of pets from inhumane mills. Moving forward, only rescue pets will be featured for adoption through humane model pet stores such as Pussy and Pooch (Courtesy photo).

If you find a turtle in the street, do you know the right way to move it to safety? Or what to do if it's injured? Learn how to help from a wildlife specialist.

How Smart Are Crows? Scary Smart. | Here & Now