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National Wildlife® Photo Contest Gallery

Kea Parrot, Fjordland National Park, Southland, NZ by Koji Sekiguchi

Yellow Billed Oxpeckers on the Back of a Giraffe, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa by Claudio Bacinello. Thanks to @Sylvia Chen! #Oxpeckers #Giraffe

Colourful metalmark moth found during a night hike in Manu national park, Amazonian lowland rainforest, Peru | Flickr

Achrioptera fallax by Tommaso Renzi: A stick insect found in Madagascar. Males have reduced wings (as in the photo) and are incapable of flight. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achrioptera_fallax #Insects #Stick_Insect

Durban dancing shrimp (Rhynchocinetes durbanensis) by Michael Henke

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle

Tough Guys by oceanit_828: Two Vulturine Guinea Fowl mirror each other front to back. Resembling a vulture because of its bare head and neck, 'this guineafowl is terrestrial, and will run rather than fly when alarmed. Despite the open habitat, it tends to keep to cover, and roosts in trees. It makes loud chink-chink-chink-chink-chink calls.' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulturine_Guineafowl #Vulturine_Guinea_Fowl

The Shoebill, a large stork-like bird, derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill. They feed on fish, frogs, reptiles, and small mammals.

Insect beetle

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