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The monster tiger beetle: a “voracious killing machine”

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Community Post: 3 Raccoons That Will Kill You And Your Family

3 Raccoons That Will Kill You And Your Family

Chelorrhina polyphemus confluens, Zaire

Spider Beetle by myrmecos #Insect #Spider_Beetle

tiwago: Trachys troglodytiformis Obenberger, 1918 by nikolarahme on Flickr.

While this photo appears on a site displaying animals with albinism, the Ash Grey Ladybug is not an albino.

The Babirusa! Photo # 1 of 2. This hairless, prehistoric-looking member of the pig family is found in Indonesia. Some scientists believe it may be more closely related to the Hippopotamus. Only males sport these impressive, wildly bizarre tusks. The ones protruding from the top of the snout are actually his upper canines, which grow UP rather than DOWN, penetrating through the skin, curling back towards the head, & in some cases, penetrating the skull a SECOND TIME!