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Silver Lyre:. This is one of the two silver lyres found in The Great Pit. They were both made of wood, covered in sheet silver attached with small silver nails. The eleven silver tubes acted as tuning pegs.

The Royal lyre: Several lyres were found in the Royal Tombs of Ur, along with…

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Ecoutez l’incroyable instrument inventé il y a 500 ans par Léonard de Vinci et joué pour la toute première fois

Cet instrument s’appelle la viola organista et a été inventé par Léonard de Vinci.

The Silver Lyre, ca. 2600-2400 BC. This lyre was found in the 'Great Death Pit' in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. Three lyres were piled one on top of another. Their wood had decayed by the time they were excavated, but two of them were entirely covered in sheet silver attached by small silver nails. When found, the metal was very brittle and the uprights were squashed flat. First it was photographed, and then covered in wax and waxed cloth to hold it together for lifting.

Triangular 21 string harp, ca. IV century BC [or before]. H : 1,10 m :: Louvre, Paris, Département des Antiquités égyptiennes :: Foto, C. Décamps/ Louvre.

Gustave Serrurier-Bovy (1858–1910) - Piano & Piano Bench. Padauk Wood, Ebony, Ivory and Bronze. Circa 1901. 106.5cm x 208cm x 160cm. Musée d'Archéologie et d'Arts Décoratifs, Liège, Belgium.

Lyres from The Royal Tombs of Ur Golden Lyre.This is a modern replic of the lyre shown above. Sumerian